TERMS & CONDITIONS for Sparkly Cam

Parland Development Ltd Company is the owner of the app, Sparkly Cam .

The terms “We” and “our company” are used for Parland Development Ltd. The terms “User" and “You” are used to refer to the customers and visitors of the app, Sparkly Cam .

Sometimes we refer to Sparkly Cam as “the app”.

Users must read and accept these Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy before starting to use the app, Sparkly Cam.

If any third party services are used, please also check their terms and conditions and their privacy policies.


All the property and proprietary rights of Sparkly Cam belong to the owner of the app, Parland Development Ltd. The mentioned rights are all copyrights, patents, trademarks and trade names, know-how and commercial rights, design and database rights.

Users are given only the rights to use the services provided by this app defined herein. Intellectual property rights are not licensed to the users.


We give you rights of using Sparkly Cam only for personal, non-transferrable and non-commercial use.

You can neither use the name, brand of the app, Sparkly Cam nor any other app specific features like the logo.

Limitations and Restrictions

The following limitations and restrictions apply:

- Users cannot fail to comply with the legal use of Sparkly Cam stated herein.

- Users can not violate copyright, trademark and other intellectual rights of third parties.

- Users can not copy, duplicate, scan, distribute, decompile, reverse engineer, or change the software, applications, updates or upgrades, enhancements of the app, Sparkly Cam .

- Users can not replicate the app to create a new one and use it for commercial purposes.

- Users can not use Sparkly Cam to compete with our company.

- Users cannot sell, lease or rent the services of Sparkly Cam .

- Users can not remove, alter trademarks, app names, logos.

- Users can not send harmful program codes, worms etc.

- Users can not use the app for unauthorized advertisements.

- Users can not send illegal, threatening, abusive, racist, discriminating, pornographic, violent or immoral messages through the app, Sparkly Cam .

- Users can not use the app in a way that would give harm to minors.


We cannot be held liable for any damages, which may be caused by the use or inability to use the app. We cannot have liability for any information stored or processed in the app.

We cannot be liable for any activity that comes up between you and the third party based on the use of Sparkly Cam.

Users are responsible for any damages they give to our company in the case of violation of the use of Sparkly Cam . This includes but not limited to claims, demands, costs, fees, liabilities and damages.

Transfer of Rights

Sparkly Cam has the right at its own discretion to transfer the rights and obligations under these terms and conditions to any third parties.

Charges and Subscriptions

There is a subscription process and it is renewed periodically.

If the automatic renewal is not cancelled, subscription will be automatically renewed.

The subscriptions can be managed by the users through user’s iTunes Account Settings.

The current active subscription cannot be cancelled until the period ends.

The payment is made through user’s iTunes account if the purchasing transaction is confirmed. User can use only the payment methods offered.

Subscriptions can be cancelled from the link below: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT202039

We can change fees at any time.

If the payments are not made on time, appropriate legal action will be taken.


We shall terminate your contract immediately if you fail to comply with the terms and conditions of the app, Sparkly Cam . Users must agree to quit using the app after the termination.

Sparkly Cam can notify users any time to terminate their contract under these Terms and Conditions and to halt their access to the app. Sparkly Cam may suspend users' accounts at any time without notice or liability.

Termination of our services shall not prevent us from using our rights provided by the law.

Users acknowledge that they are responsible for saving their data prior to the termination and cannot hold Sparkly Cam liable for removing their data after the termination.


Warranties are covered by Sparkly Cam under the limits of the applicable law. Users acknowledge that they use the app at their own risk.

Other Terms

Users acknowledge that violation of these Terms and Conditions, may damage our company. In such a case, our company will have the right to stop your services.

Users are not allowed to transfer our terms to any third parties, unless we give written consent.

Any disagreements between the user and our company will be resolved by the laws of Canada no matter where the user resides or accesses our app, Sparkly Cam.

We reserve the right to change these Terms and Conditions entirely any time at our own discretion.