Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy explains what kind of personal information users need to enter after installing and using our app Sparkly Cam and how our company uses, processes and protects the data received.

We use the term “We” and “our company” for Parland Development Ltd. and we use the term "User" for the visitors and customers of our app Sparkly Cam.

Please install and use our app Sparkly Cam only if you agree to our Privacy Policy, which outlines the usage and processing of the information provided by the user. Please also read our Terms and Conditions before installing and using Sparkly Cam.

I. Personal Information

A. User Profile:

Users have to provide certain information to create a user profile. This information is saved in our systems. Users may also provide more information at their own discretion.

When users start using our app Sparkly Cam, we store some information. This information includes but not limited to the following: device information, location, IP address, applications installed on the device, operating system, web browser, statistics of usage, connection information, method and keywords used to access our app Sparkly Cam, advertisement data etc. Cookies are used to get some of this information.

B. Third Party Services:

Users may choose to use social media to use our app, Sparkly Cam. Also, users may use payment service providers. These third party services will share some of the personal information of users with our company. Users must accept that our company may get, use and keep all the information received from the third parties.

Please visit the relevant social media or payment service provider’s privacy policy to get information about how they handle personal information.

C. Other Data:

If sources other than the Apple Store are used, only permitted information is used by Sparkly Cam.

User experiences shared with our company, data used for promotions, surveys etc. may also be used by Sparkly Cam.

2. Processing Personal Information

Information collected to be used at analysis may be shared with third parties. These third parties may be in countries outside of the users’ subject country.

Information collected can be used for marketing and performance evaluation purposes.

The information provided may be used in the following cases;

• If the law requires it,

• To protect the rights of users and third parties,

• To find solutions to problems,

• To prevent illegal activities.

• To protect and defend our rights and to execute our contracts,

Users’ information may be disclosed to our company’s affiliates, subsidiaries and to the corporations acquiring our company or through acquisition.

Sparkly Cam is not intended for minors. Parents must be responsible for their children’s activities on the internet.

This Privacy Policy may be changed any time. It’s the users' responsibility to follow the changes made.

Last updated: January 2018